how much i missed my long hair

hello peeps, how was ur day ? mine not so cool cause i kinda missed my long hair terribly.. selalu bangun tido dah biasa messy2, now ni still messy tapi rambut tu dah x menjurai-jurai macam langsir...

alkisahnya, why i cut my hair is

1- in my whole life, i x pernah rambut pendek! (fact)
2-my long hair dah tak sihat since too much colouring and heating ( booyah!!)
3-i wanna start a new life

actually i nak share a few pic, but since tab i battery pon dah flat, i will share in next entry...

memula i nak potong pendek sikit je, but after that i decide nk pendek terus 

this is the final result...pftttt

dear hair, grow healthy please.. mommy missed u

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